Spring 2017 CEE300 Schedule

CEE300 classes are organized into two types: 1) plenary, in which the entire class meets in PSY102, and 2) parallel, where we break into smaller groups and meet in separate rooms.   Tuesdays will be held in parallel.  Thursdays will have a mix of plenary and parallel sessions.

There is no textbook for CEE300.  Instead, text and video materials will be posted online here at  Students will be assigned to read the articles and watch the videos posted here, and be held accountable for demonstrating understanding of the material on exams and in group projects.

Class 16 – Thr 2 Mar (Parallel)
Meet in assigned rooms to complete Problem Set #2 (due 3/02 by 11:59pm)
Homework Assignments:

Class 15 – Tue 28 Feb (Plenary)

Wrap up Citicorp, Introduce Case Study (prep for problem set #2)
On-line lectures:  Engineering Ethics: Trade Secrets
Homework Assignment:

Class 14 – Thr 23 Feb (Parallel)
Citicorp juries and quiz.
Homework Assignments: Citicorp Tower Group Essay
Online lectures. Job Performance Assessment in Engineering

Class 13 – Tue 21 Feb (Plenary)
Judgement makes a professional, The Citicorp Tower & the Fundamental Canons, Ethics survey results
Homework Assignments:  Citicorp Tower Group Essay (due 2/28)
Online lectures: Introduction to Civil Engineering,

Class 12 – Thr 16 Feb (Parallel)
Homework Assignments: TR1 due 16 Feb (midnight). Complete TR1 crits
Online lectures:

Class 11 – Tue 14 Feb (Plenary)
Critique versus Criticism
Homework Assignments:
TR1 Vidprog Crits due 14 Feb (midnight)
Online lectures:

Class 10 – Thr 9 Feb (Parallel)
TR1 workshop. Work anywhere you choose.  Upload progress report video before midnight.  UGTAs are on call for Q&A in Slack.

Class 9 – Tue 7 Feb (Plenary)
Pop quiz.
20 min teamwork lecture.
TR1: Solving Problems of Technology Comparison (Seager)
TR1 troubleshooting (UGTA Q&A).

Class 8 – Thr 2 Feb (Parallel)
TR1 workshop.  Approved teams may work anywhere they choose.  Students without approved teams, report to plenary lecture hall in PSY102. UGTAs are on call for Q&A in Slack.
Homework Assignments:  TR1 Video Progress Reports (due Thr 9 Feb 11:59P)
Homework Assignments: Video Quiz #3 (due Tue 7 Feb 4:30P)
Online lectures: Sensitivity Analysis

Class 7 –Tue 31 Jan (Plenary)
Introduce Tech Report 1 (Arreguin), propose teams for UGTA approval (in class)
Homework Assignments:
Team formation (due Thr 2 Feb 5:45P) , Video Quiz #2 (due Thr 2 Feb 5:45P). Tech Report 1 (due Tues 14 Feb, 4:30P).

Link to Kolbe A. Team Assignment (Due Thurs, Feb 2nd)
On-line lectures: Time Preferences & Technology Transitions                     

Class 6 –Thr 26 Jan (Report directly to Parallel Rooms)
Meet in Parallel Session rooms and complete Problem Set #1 (due 1/31 @ 11:59pm)
Online lectures: Teamwork & Motivation

Class 5 – Tue 24 Jan (Plenary in PSY102)
How to allocate your energy (Seager)
Introduction to finance. (Seager).
Homework: Mathematical Problem Set #1
Online lectures:

Class 4 – Thr 19 Jan (Plenary/Parallel)
Plenary: Glop Shop Live, Divide into Parallel Sessions (Receive Room Assignments)
Parallel: find parallel session rooms.  If time allows, small group Kolbe A reactions.
Homework: Video Lecture Quiz – Glop Shop

Class 3 – Tue 17 Jan (Plenary in PSY102)
Conation in Teamwork, Kolbe A interpretations.  Participating students will obtain knowledge that improves their productivity, communication and teamwork experiences.
On-line lecture: Glop Shop: Demonstrating Conative Theory
create 5 Linkedin Crits (due 1/24 @ 4:30 PM), Video Lecture Quiz – Liz Adam’s Conation Video (due 1/19 @ 4:30 PM),  Kolbe A Reflections (due 1/24 @ 11:59 PM).

Class 2 – Thr 12 Jan (Plenary in PSY102)
Form zodiac groups in Critviz, create team zodiac channel in Slack, and invite your team members, post a zodiac group selfie in the #general channel.  Post a zodiac group roster in box.  Discuss & complete Syllabus Quiz.
Online lectures: Watch Liz Adams Conation Lecture (due 1/17 before class)
Homework. Submit Kolbe A score via Critviz (due 1/17 @ 4:30 PM)

Class 1 – Tue 10 Jan (Plenary in PSY102)
Plenary. Introduction to CEE 300 course objectives and instructional team, including statement of individual UGTA goals, responsibilities, and advisory tip.  Demo blog and explain plenary/parallel format of schedule.  Demo Slack, Box, & Critviz.  Students create accounts and upload profile pics for each.
Assignments. Read Syllabus. Complete Syllabus Quiz, Create a LinkedIn profile
Inclass Lecture: Communication Protocol Lecture (Seager)

— entries below this line are drafts subject to revision ——————-

Spring Break March 5th-12th

Class 17 – Tue 14 Mar (Plenary)
Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship & Intro to SeagerTank, by Veronica Head 
Homework Assignments: Seager Tank Video
(due TBA)
Online lectures: Difference Between Leadership and Management

Class 18 – Thurs 16 Mar (Parallel)
Meet parallel rooms to work on Seager Tank Videos
Homework Assignments:

Online lectures:

Class 19 – Tues 21 Mar (Plenary)
Introduction to Tech Report 2 (Buy vs Lease)
Form TR2 Critviz teams of 3-5 people.
Homework Assignments: Tech Report 2 (due TBA)
Online lectures: To Buy or Lease a Car?

Class 20 – Thurs 23 Mar (Parallel)
TR2 Work Day 1

Class 21 – Tues 28 Mar (Plenary)
Introduction to TR2 (cont).
Depreciation & the Sharing Economy: Uber, Lyft, Turo
Online lectures: Understanding Depreciation and Taxes

Class 22 – Thurs 30 Mar (Parallel)
Meet in TR2 teams.  Work Problem Set 3
Homework Assignments: Problem Set 3 – Depreciation (due TBA)

Class 23 – Tues 4 April (Plenary)
Communication: 7 Different Ways to Say “No!” to Seager and 5 of them are “Yes!”
Leadership: What to do when you break a commitment.
TR2 progress reports, Q&A.
Homework Assignments: Upload a 500-word progress report to CritViz. (due TBA).
Online lectures:

Class 24 – Thurs 6 April (Parallel)
UGTA’s lead work session on Problem Set 3 – Inflation
Homework Assignments: Problem Set 3 – Inflation (due TBA)

Class 25 – Tues 11 April (Plenary)
This is Water Leadership and meaning making.
Homework Assignments: Video quiz – Leadership & teamwork (due TBA)

Class 26 – Thurs 13 April (Plenary)
Topic: #SeagerTank Live Pitches

Teams and order is as follows:
In-class lecture: Pitches from Seager Tank Finalist

Homework Assignments: Problem Set 4. (due TBA)

On-line lectures:

Class 27 –Tues 18 April (Parallel)
Complete Practice final exam

TR2 Crits due TBA

Class 28 –Thurs 20 April (Plenary)

Homework Assignments:

  1. Digital Presentations Due: TBA by 11:59pm on Critviz “You can find some example videos under the Digital Presentations link”
  2. TR2 revision deadline TBA
  3. FE Digital Presentation Due: TBA by 11:59pm on Critviz “It is an XP”

Class 29 – Tues 25 April (Plenary)
Homework Assignments:

Class 30 – Thur 27 April (Parallel)
Homework Assignments: 

Class 31 – Thur 4 May (Parallel)
Final Exam
Meeting in assigned rooms

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    On the topic of experience points, anyone is eligible to earn these points. The way to earn them is to participate in blogs, tweets, online surveys/quizzes etc. Although XP do not affect our grades negatively, it might be a good idea to earn some to make up for other points lost.

    XP final grade: (Totoal Points + XP)/(1000 + XP)


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