Fall 2017 CEE300 Schedule


Class 11 – Parallel in WXLR
Meeting in your Engineering Analysis assignment groups, complete the ‘Writing a Proposal to Provide Engineering Services’ assignment.  UGTA’s will be assigned to rooms. Teams will be allocated to rooms, but to teams aren’t not obliged to report to those rooms.  Team room allocations are only suggestions.  You may meet or work anywhere you choose.

Class 10 – Plenary in LSE 106 (Seager at Resilience Week in Wilmington DE)


  • Understand the overview and outline of your sharing economy company analysis report.
  • Understand the more detailed requirements of writing a proposal to offer engineering services


  • In class lectures:
    • Intro to Engineering Analysis Technical Report assignment (Arreguin)
    • Writing proposals (Arreguin)


  • In CritViz, form the groups that you will commit to for the remainder of your Engineering Analysis Technical Report, by responding to the ‘Writing a Proposal to Provide Engineering Services’ assignment.
    • team formation will be commitments for the rest of the semester.
    • groups may be of 3 or 4.
    • Instructor approval is not required.  You are free to select your own teammates.

Class 9 – Thr 14 Sep (Parallel in WXLR)
Working in your groups, complete quizzes (individually) on CritViz, and upload your 800 word essays (as a group) analyzing the technology transition that applies to your study company. If you get stuck, try this post called “What problem are you trying to solve?

Class 8 –Tue 12 Sep (Plenary in LSE 106)


  • Identify and correct weaknesses or misconceptions in understanding of compound interest.
  • Understand motivation for knowledge workers.
  • Introduce teams to role of information, communication technologies (ICT) in teamwork and motivation, and disruptive technology transitions.

Learning Activities


  • Online reading & video quizzes (in CritViz):
    • Peer Review
    • Time Preferences & Tech Transitions, and Teamwork & Motivation
  • Form groups in CritViz and write an 800 word essay describing the problem that your technology company of choice is trying to solve, their proposed solution, the technology they might replace, and a description of their competition.

Class 7 –Thr 7 Sep (parallel in WXLR roms)
Meet with your teammates in your parallel session rooms and complete Problem Set #1 in CritViz.  The agenda for the parallel sessions is as follows:

  • The UGTA coach in each room will review the Tuesday lecture with a brief slide show.
  • The UGTA coach will solve PS1 problem #1 with the cooperation of the class.
  • Students will work in their teams of 3 or 4 to solve the remaining problems independently of the UGTA coach.

Class 6 – Tue 5 Sep (Plenary Session in LSE 106)


  • Recruit two or three teams to switch their topics to analysis of HyperLoop.
  • Download and learn CamScanner
  • Learn the importance of time equivalence of money.
  • Learn to draw cash flow diagrams.
  • Learn the terms: nominal interest, compound interest, compounding period, continuous compounding, discount rate, present value, future value, equivalent uniform annual cost, annuity, Rule of 72, perpetuity.
  • Be able to solve problems of compound interest and present value in engineering finance.
  • Reconfigure teams (based on experiences of prior week).

Learning Activities


  • Reform teams in CritViz, gain approval from Instructional Staff, upload a Camscanner sketch.
  • Working in teams, complete Problem Set #1 in CritViz.

Class 5 – Thr 31 Aug (parallel in WXLR rooms)
Working in your teams, complete the Critique & Peer Review online quiz in CritViz,  complete the DISC team reflection assignment, and begin critique of peer’s Team Qualifications.

Class 4 – Tue 29 Aug (plenary in LSE 106)


  • Learn the difference between critique and criticism
  • Understand peer review
  • Understand motivation

Learning Activities


  • Complete online Critique & Peer Review Quiz in critviz

Class 3 – Thr 24 Aug (Begin in plenary LSE106, finish in parallel)


  • Form effective report teams
  • Learn to present team qualifications
  • Learn location of parallel room assignments

Learning Activities

  • Create a list of sharing economy apps for investigation in CEE300
  • Review online assignment guide for Presentation of Team Qualifications
  • Form team groups in lecture hall
  • Receive room assignments, reconvene with UGTA’s in assigned parallel rooms


  • Complete Team Qualifications section of report

Class 2 – Tue 22 August (Plenary in LSE106)


  • Practice the CEE300 Communication Protocol
  • Discover personal communication style via DISC assessment in

Learning Activities

  • Comm Protocol lecture & comm protocol practice (Seager)
  • Demo (Griffin, via LinkedIn) and review results of UGTA group analysis


  • Individual DISC reflection essay
  • Create groups of 4 in CritViz, post DISC profile analysis of group communication.
  • Critique LinkedIn profiles

Class 1 – Thr 17 Aug (Plenary in LSE106)


  • Learn names and responsibilities of the instructional staff.
  • Learn high level course objectives, schedule, and design.
  • Create accounts and profiles (including pics) for support websites: CritViz, Slack, LinkedIn, Box, Crystalknows.

Learning Activities.

  • Lecture: Instructor introductions & website demos.
  • In class: create accounts
  • Homework: Post Slack profile URL in CritViz, read Syllabus, complete LinkedIn Assignment and request connection with each member of the Instructional team.


  • Slack Post on CritViz (5 points).
  • Syllabus Quiz on CritViz (5 points).
  • LinkedIn assignment on CritViz (10 points).
  • Peer review of LinkedIn profile links posted on CritViz (10 points).
  • Box sign in, upload profile pic, and post a comment on ‘Slack Tips & Tricks’ tagging the @seagertp (5 points).



CEE300 classes are organized into two types:

  1. plenary, in which the entire class meets in LSE106, and
  2. parallel, in WXLR A106, WXLR A108, WXLR 109, WXLR 111, WXLR 113, where we break into smaller groups coached by the UnderGraduate Teaching Assistant (UGTA) team. Thursday classes will be plenary sessions.  Tuesday classes will be a mix of plenary and parallel sessions.

There is no textbook for CEE300.  Instead, text and video materials will be posted online here at  Students will be assigned to read the articles and watch the videos posted here, and be held accountable for demonstrating understanding of the material on exams and in group projects.

—– Everything below this line is adapted from last semester and subject to revision ——-



  • Gain an introduction to engineering ethics and the fundamental canons of engineering

Learning Activities


How to allocate your energy (Seager).

Class 31 – Thr 4 May FINAL Exam 2:30P-4:20P.
Meet in assigned rooms, either PSY 102, CAVC 451 or CAVC 455.

Class 30 –Thr 27 April (Plenary)
Seager Tank Live Pitch Finals (Veronica Head)
Homework Assignments: Digital Reflections

Class 29 –Tue 25 April (Plenary)
This is Water Leadership and Meaning Making (Seager)
Homework Due: FE-style problem video solution

Class 28 – Thr 20 April (Parallel) – TR2 Crits DUE, Video Quiz #4 DUE
Meet in assigned parallel rooms. Draft a video solution to the practice final exam problem with UGTAs.  Post to YouTube and copy link into CritViz.
Homework Assignments:

Online lecture. Moral Foundation Theory

Class 27 – Tues 18 Apr (Plenary) – Performance Eval Survey DUE
Professionalization: Performance Evaluation Improv (Arreguin, Seager in Chicago)
Ethics: Moral Luck vs Moral Hazard (Seager video) & The Downside of Goals (Seager video)                                                                                                                                   Supplementary: Goal and Consequences by Raveena John.

Class 26 — Thr 13 Apr (Parallel)
Practice final exam.  Meet in parallel session rooms with UGTA’s.
Homework assignments:
Performance Eval Survey (due 18 Apr @ 11:59 PM)
Online lecture:
Performance Assessment for Civil Engineers

Class 25 – Tue 11 Apr (Plenary) – TR2 DUE
Communication: Protocols for Invite/Request/Command & 7 Ways to Say “No!” to Seager and 5-1/2 of them are “Yes!”
Homework Assignments: TR2 Crits due 20 Apr @ 11:59pm

Class 24 – Thr 6 Apr (Parallel)
TR2 & Problem Set 3 Workday. Work anywhere you choose.
Homework Assignments: Seager Tank Video Pitch Crits (due 9 Apr @ 11:59 PM), Problem Set 3 – Depreciation & Taxes (due 10 Apr @ 11:59 PM)
Online lectures: Understanding Depreciation and Taxes

Class 23 – Tue 4 Apr (Plenary) – SeagerTank Videos DUE
Receive and review graded midterms (Seager)
Leadership: What Do You Do When You Break a Commitment? (Seager)

Class 22 – Thr 30 Mar (Parallel)
TR2 Work Day.

Class 21 – Tue 28 Mar (Plenary)
Introduction to Tech Report 2 — Depreciation & Taxes (Seager)
Depreciation & the Sharing Economy: Uber, Lyft, Turo (Seager)
Form TR2 Critviz teams of 3-5 people.
Homework Assignments: Tech Report 2 (due 11 Apr @ 11:59 PM )
Online lectures: To Buy or Lease a Car?

Class 20 – Thr 23 Mar (Parallel)
Seager Tank video assignment workshop day.

Class 19 – Tue 21 Mar (Plenary)
Introduction to Seager Tank Entrepreneurship Assignment, (Veronica Head).
Homework Assignments: Seager Tank Video
(due 4 April 2017 @ 11:59 PM)
Online lectures: Difference Between Leadership and Management

Class 18 – Thurs 16 Mar (Parallel) MIDTERM
Report to your assigned testing room for the Midterm

Class 17 – Tue 14 Mar (Plenary)
Midterm Review with Instructional Team
Homework Assignment:
CEE300 midterm topic map

Spring Break March 5th-12th

Class 16 – Thr 2 Mar (Parallel)
Meet in assigned rooms to complete Problem Set #2 (due 3/02 by 11:59pm)
Homework Assignments: Complete Practice Midterm

Class 15 – Tue 28 Feb (Plenary) Seager at Society of Risk Analysis in Italy
Wrap up Citicorp, Introduce Case Study (prep for problem set #2)
On-line lectures:  Engineering Ethics: Trade Secrets

Class 14 – Thr 23 Feb (Parallel)
Citicorp juries
Homework Assignments: Citicorp Tower Group Essay, Video Quiz (due 23 Feb @ 4:30 PM)
Online lectures. Job Performance Assessment in Engineering

Class 13 – Tue 21 Feb (Plenary)
Ethics survey results. Judgment makes a professional.
The Citicorp Tower & the Fundamental Canons. (Seager).
Homework Assignments:  Ethics Video Quiz (due 23 Feb), Citicorp Tower Group Essay (due 28 Feb),
Online lectures: Introduction to Civil Engineering,

Class 12 – Thr 16 Feb (Parallel)
TR1 workshop.  Teams may meet anywhere they choose.
Homework Assignments: TR1 due 16 Feb (midnight). Complete TR1 crits
Online lectures:

Class 11 – Tue 14 Feb (Plenary)

Class 10 – Thr 9 Feb (Parallel)
TR1 workshop. Work anywhere you choose.  Upload progress report video before midnight.  UGTAs are on call for Q&A in Slack.

Pop quiz (Seager).  20 min teamwork lecture.
TR1: Solving Problems of Technology Comparison (Seager)
TR1 troubleshooting (UGTA Q&A).
TR1 workshop.  Approved teams may work anywhere they choose.  Students without approved teams, report to plenary lecture hall in PSY102. UGTAs are on call for Q&A in Slack.
Homework Assignments:  TR1 Video Progress Reports (due Thr 9 Feb 11:59P), Video Quiz #3 (due Tue 7 Feb 4:30P)
Online lectures: Sensitivity Analysis
Introduce Tech Report 1 (Arreguin), propose teams for UGTA approval (in class)
Homework Assignments:
Team formation (due Thr 2 Feb 5:45P) , Video Quiz #2 (due Thr 2 Feb 5:45P). Tech Report 1 (due Tues 14 Feb, 4:30P).


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