Technical Report: Part 1-Corporate Statement of Qualifications

Each team will complete a Corporate Statement of Qualifications that includes the following two subsections:

A. Company Profile.
In this section, you will begin working on creating your company identity. Specifically, you need to:
a. Choose a name for your group
b. Create a group identity (including any logos, acronyms and written descriptions of services your company specializes in)
c. Create a vision, a mission, and a statement of your company values. Use examples from engineering and technology companies like Bechtel , Netflix , Amazon , or others you admire.
B. Personnel.
The goal of this second subsection is for your team to describe the qualifications of the individuals that make up your company. Use the information gathered from your LinkedIn and DISC assignments to describe the strengths of your team. List projects – either work, class, or hobby – that group members have completed.
You may find examples of Corporate Statements of Qualifications online here and here
(or elsewhere online).
Your assignment will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Professional presentation of the overall document
2. Well-developed corporate professional Identity
3. Well-developed individual team members’ professional identity

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