Blog Posts

Network-based Education

Seth Godin: What is Education For?

Flipping the Classroom

Glop Shop: Demonstrating Conative Theory

Understanding Interest

Nominal vs Effective Interest Rates

Effective vs Real Interest Rates: Inflation

Intro. To Cash Flow, NPV, and IRR,

Understanding Present Value

How Do Hiring Decisions Get Made,

College Grads Lacking Professionalism in the Workplace

Introduction to Peer Review and Critviz

Civil Engineering as a Profession


Criticism vs. Critique

Introduction to Engineering Ethics

Professional Engineering Ethics

Perpetual Bonds & Hyperbolic Discounting

Understanding Depreciation and Taxes

Performance Assessment – “Get Them To Like You”

Negative Externalities and the Coase Theorem

On Moral Leadership

Teamwork and Motivation

Professional Engineering Ethics: The Citicorp Tower Case Study

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