The Engineering Business Practices Reader

Chapter 1.  Becoming a Professional

Introduction to Civil Engineering
College Grads Lacking Professionalism?
How do Hiring Decisions Get Made?
“Get them to like you!”
Critique vs. Criticism
UN-learning for Entrepreneurs

 Chapter 2.  Engineering Ethics

Introduction to Engineering Ethics
Professional Engineering Ethics
Engineering Ethics: Trade Secrets
Professional Engineering Ethics: The Citicorp Tower Case
Seager Responds to the Citicorp Case Study
Negative Externalities and The Coase Theorem
Introduction to the Tragedy of the Commons
Cheaters, Bystanders & Free Riders

Challenger Article

Chapter 3. Teamwork & Leadership

Introduction to Conative Theory
Glop Shop: Demonstrating Conative Theory
Teamwork & Motivation
On Moral Leadership
Leadership & Group Projects

Chapter 4. Introduction to Interest

Understanding “Interest”
Nominal vs. Effective Interest Rates: Compounding
Effective vs. Real Interest Rates: Inflation

Rule of 72
Present Value of a Perpetual Stream

Chapter 5. Comparing Alternatives

Introduction to Cash Flow Diagram
Understanding “Present” Value
Time Preferences & Technology Transitions
Perpetual Bonds, the Long View, and Hyperbolic Discounting

Chapter 6. Depreciation and Taxes

Understanding Depreciation & Taxes
To Buy or Lease a Car? That is the question…

1 thought on “The Engineering Business Practices Reader

  1. jonathanedgington

    I think to often engineers forget that without finance the World does not work very well.

    To understand how money works and how it can be put to work is just as important as Newton’s Second Law.


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