DISC Reflection Assignment

Your DISC results are an indication of your individual personality traits.  Now that you have taken the DISC thru crystalknows.com, write a 250-300 word response to the following prompts:

  1. What about your results is true for you?  Does anything seem false?
  2. What role might your communication style play a role in teamwork in this class?
  3. Describe the advice that you would like other people to be aware when communicating with you.
  4. What sort of DISC profiles might make good teammates for you?

Keep in mind that the above prompts are just suggestions. If your reflection regarding your DISC profile takes you on a different path altogether, by all means go there. Consider DISC a metaphorical mirror that offers you a different perspective on yourself that may lead to a meaningful learning experience for you.

Even though this is an individual assignment (each student is turning in one reflection), as always we expect that you collaborate with your peers. The level of collaboration can take different forms:

  • Discuss with your peers their profiles and their own reflections on these.
  • Discuss differences and similarities between your profiles and theirs and the impact this might have on your future group work in this class.
  • Use your knowledge of your profile and others to form effective teams for collaboration on future CEE300 assignments.

Grading criteria include:

  • Response displays a meaningful, introspective analysis of results.
  • Response includes details, examples, etc. and avoids vagueness.
  • Response contains relevant information.

For your group analysis

Read the crystalknows interpretations for each member of the 4-person teams you formed in CritViz.  Also, read the DISC group analysis.  Summarize the advice offered by crystalknows, and add your own impressions or reflections in your analysis.

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  1. Jonathan Edgington

    The title was ambitious and the thoughts were unsolicited but IMAO.

    “Kolbe A” is a type of social reform and thus a social responsibility being socially justified by those promoting a new type of cultural adaptation that should be valued and accepted as a norm.


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