FE Problem Presentation Guide

Phase I: Video Presentations 

Phase I

The F.E. Exam includes a series of topics related to Engineering Economics and Engineering Ethics. For this assignment, choose a problem from one of the three problems sets on critviz, or a new problem from an FE Review Guide.  (You may use this guide, if you do not have one of your own.  Focus on the economics and ethics questions).  Solve the problem you selecty and create a video presenting your step-by-step solution.

Assignment Tip: While presenting your solved problem, explain the concept behind the problem – then solve it.

This assignment will require you to turn your  problem presentations into a digital video format posted on YouTube. Each student should complete their own presentation. The videos should be less than 5 minutes long (max).

Convey the concepts demonstrated in the problems so that people watching them can learn. The most effective videos (as judged by your peers on CritViz) will receive a 50 XP bonus and be invited to a FE Review playlist on YouTube.  (No student videos will be posted to YouTube without permission.  The XP bonus will be awarded to the top ranked videos, regardless of whether this permission is granted).

A couple of examples of previous Digital F.E. Problem Presentations can be found below, but note that (unlike two of these examples) your video should be less than 5 minutes long.


8 thoughts on “FE Problem Presentation Guide

    1. jonathanedgington

      Video scribe is great.
      The introduction leading into the FE topic of discussion assist with pulling the listeners into the video. Instead of just setting up a math problem, the video producer setup a story line to raise the interest level and depth of the video’s core message.
      The flow was well paced with the pictures, very nicely done.
      The video was also emotional appealing as it contained humor, suspense, drama, and mystery.

    1. jonathanedgington

      Nice layout, especially the flow chart and explanation of terminology before listeners were asked to walk through the FE exam sample problem. By the time the listeners arrive at the problem they are equipped with the needed background information in order to conceptually solve the problem with the video producer.

    1. jonathanedgington

      The highlighting of important or relevant details in the video problem statement was well done as it helped draw in the attention of viewers. Allowing the viewer to easily identify with the video producers narration of the problem statement as it progressed.


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