Instructional Team

 CEE 300 Instructional Team


Dwarak Ravikumar is a postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University. Dwarak has completed his PhD in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering and is contributing towards making the world more sustainable by developing novel technologies that improve the recycling of solar panels and conducting research on analytical methods that help increase the environmental benefits from green energy technologies. Dwarak has six years of experience in the information technology sector and has completed a three-year research internship with a leading US based solar panel manufacturer.


Haley DiNota is a Master’s student studying Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering at ASU and is currently a Project Engineering Supervisor at UPS. She has worked as an intern for 2 years at the Arizona Department of Transportation. She’s mainly focused her studies on transportation, sustainability, and construction management. She has experience in CEE300 as a student, an undergraduate teaching assistant, before becoming the lead teaching assistant for CEE300 in the Fall of 2017.

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