LinkedIn Assignment

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform dedicated to professional networking and centered around careers. LinkedIn is a bit like Facebook, but with an overall professional theme and many more features tailored towards its purpose. As a budding professional, when utilized properly, LinkedIn can serve as a valuable tool for networking.

The Assignment

Create a LinkedIn account and populate it with professional information, then connect to the CEE300 instructional team.   This assignment serves the teamwork and communication learning objectives and counts towards an assignment grade.  10 assignment points each will be awarded for completion of each of the following steps, so that a total of 50 assignment points may be earned.

  1. Upload a professional photo
  2. Update the Educational portion of the account
  3. Update the work experience
  4. Include a short bio description
  5. Connect with the Instructional Team.

For guidance on creating your profile and what to include, please see here for some profiles from the instructional team:

  • Thomas P Seager
  • Alex Arreguin
  • Ashley Keeling , Cole Fowler, Julianna Acero, Khaled Albannai, Joseph Herrera-Theut

For more tips and guidance on utilizing and improving your LinkedIn page, reference the following articles:

How to Use LinkedIn: 35 LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn for Students

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