Read the Syllabus

Several areas of the syllabus require additional explanation or attention. Working in class on Tuesday 23 Aug, you will form group according to the zodiac sign under which you were born.

Then, log in to Critiz, create your zodiac groups.  Take a group selfie and have each person in your group tweet out the selfie using #cee300 and your zodiac sign.  Then, post links to your selfie tweets on your group assignment page in Critiz.

This assignment serves the teamwork and communication class objectives.  It porvides you with practices using the communication and collbaoration platforms of the class.  Regardless of group size, 20 class participation assignment points will be awarded for completion.

Finally, complete the syllabus quiz on critviz.  Each member of your zodiac group must enter their own answers.  However, you are expected to discuss the quiz questions as a group to ensure you all arrive at the correct answers and understanding of the syllabus..

Your final quiz question is an essay question, according to your zodiac sign.  These are the questions you will respond to:

1. Aries. Experience points (XP).  How do students get these points and how do they impact grading?
2. Taurus. Peer assessment. What is CritViz and how does it work? Who gets graded on what?
3. Gemini. Cloud-based collaboration: What is and how can we use it to our advantage?  How does it compare to Dropbox, Google+?
4. Cancer. Online participation.  What are the expectations? How is the class doing so far?
5. Leo. Digital presentations.  What is livestream and how does it work with YouTube?
6. Virgo. ABET accreditation.  What are engineering the accreditation learning outcomes for this course and how do they fit into other ABET learning outcomes?
7. Libra. Contracts. What are they and how do they fit into the course?
8. Scorpio. Technical reports. What are they? How will they work?
9. Sagittarius. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam: What is it and what importance does it have?
10. Capricorn. Personal & professional development: What learning activities align with these objectives?
11. Aquarius. Academic integrity. How are the expectations in CEE300 different from other classes?
12. Pisces. Explain the dress code for this course and how it is enforced?


1 thought on “Read the Syllabus

  1. Jacob Boatright

    Libra: Contracts

    Contracts in CEE 300 are presented to get the students prepared for when they step into the real world of engineering. Most contracts/projects are granted to the individual or company that submitted a proposal the client accepts. This can be the one that will cost the least, the one that will spend the least amount of time, or a combination of the two. Using a Request for Proposal (RFP) is the way to properly submit the terms that the project will be completed. When an RFP is presented, the three pieces of information that needs to be included in a proposal are:

    1. Who is responding to the RFP and the schedule that it will correspond to each member of the team.
    2. What the compensation (in CEE 300 this would be experience points) for completing the project is for each member of the team.
    3. When the deadlines are for parts of the project and also the full completion date.

    One thing to keep in mind is that just because a proposal is submitted, does not mean that it will be accepted. The instructor has the right to select whichever proposal that is presented from the pool of submittals. Also, there may be only one proposal selected, or multiple, or none at all.

    In CEE 300, Dr. Seager will present RFP’s for the students to bid on. This may come in the form of completing another in-person presentation or a video on a certain topic. Each proposal to an RFP should include the three points above. The first RFP for this semester has already been given and is located under the syllabus in the thoughts at the bottom. As students, being aware of the information in front of us is just as important as solving the problem. If someone did not know that a RFP was presented, how could they provide a solution to the proposal?


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