Tech Report 2: Buy or Lease

Buy or Lease a Car


In this assignment, you will complete a technical report about the financial consequences of buying or leasing a car.


A new car is the usually the second biggest purchase most of people make. Since many consumers must finance their new vehicle, the decision of whether to buy or lease can be confusing, especially for first-time buyers. There are many different factors to consider before people decide whether buying or leasing is better for their budget and lifestyle. Considering the current declining financial markets, deciding whether to buy or lease has gained considerable focus as consumers try to manage rising automobile costs with shrinking personal budgets.


As was the case with your previous report, it is important for you to keep an identifiable and realistic audience in mind. Whereas the audience was prescribed for you in Tech. Report 1, for this report you will have to imagine possible audiences that will benefit from your report. In other words, your report must be useful to multiple audiences who might vary in the following ways:

  1. Income Level
  2. Age
  3. Credit Standing
  4. Socioeconomic status
  5. Purpose of Vehicle (ex: will they use the vehicle to commute to work?)
  6. Consumer purchase profile (ex: do they keep cars for a long time? buy every 2-3 years?)

Again, these are just a few of the factors that you must take into account as you tailor your report to multiple audiences. Ultimately, please keep in mind that there are going to be things that your audience knows and/or does not know about cars, and as a technical writer/communicator, it is your responsibility to determine or approximate what your audience’s information needs are regarding the choice.


Using the above question as your initial guide, you will design and write your report in a manner that facilitates decision-making and subsequent action.  Accordingly, when writing the technical report, you are to imagine that you are opening or beginning a conversation about the financial implications of whether to buy or lease a car.

Qualities of Effective Reports

The following are factors of effective technical communication:

Audience Awareness:

  1. Is your document easy to follow?
  2. Do you provide necessary transitions?
  3. Do you make sense of technical jargon for your audience?
  4. Is your document useful?

Writing with Authority:

  1. Do you write from the persona of an expert?
  2. Are your claims sufficiently supported with sources?
  3. Does your document aim to meet professional standards?
  4. How credible and reliable are your sources?

Professional Design:

  1. How well do you reference visuals?
  2. How well do you explain visuals?
  3. Are headers effectively used to separate sections of the report?
  4. Effective Organization


  1. Does the document reveal your awareness of today’s financial climate?
  2. Does your document respond to current local and national trends?

Report Structure

Remember that your reports are supposed to follow a certain structure and include at least the following sections:

  1. Title Page
  2. Executive summary (less than one page)
      • The summary:
        • states the topic of the report
        • outlines your approach to the task if applicable
        • gives the most important findings of your research or investigation, or the key aspects of your design
        • states the main outcomes or conclusions.
      • The summary does NOT:
        • provide general background information
        • explain why you are doing the research, investigation or design
        • refer to later diagrams or references
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
    • the background to the topic of your report to set your work in its broad context
    • a clear statement of the purpose of the report, usually to present the results of your research, investigation, or design
    • a clear statement of the aims of the project
    • technical background necessary to understand the report; e.g. theory or assumptions
    • a brief outline of the structure of the report if appropriate (this would not be necessary in a short report)
  5. Investigative method
  6. Results and discussion (including sample calculations, sensitivity analyses, and graphical representation of the comparison)
  7. Recommendations
  8. References Cited

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. Submit via Critviz: Submissions via e-mail and Box will not be accepted
  2. Peer Review will be due 5 days after submission deadline. Peer Review will be completed via Critviz.
  3. Filename convention: Please save your document as follows: GroupName_TechReport2 (example: IrishFans_TechReport2)


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