Writing with the Audience in Mind


CEE300 in-class attunement assignment: 25 minutes
Background: An important part of professional communication is to know your audience and cater to them. In your work so far, this is called “attunement” because it shows you are attuned to your audience, and it accounts for a significant portion of your written assignment grades.
Exercise: The purpose of this in-class assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to understand your audience and write in an appropriate way on this basis. You will have 25 minutes to re-write your tech report one recommendations for two different audiences. Your job is to write the same recommendation in two ways to convince two different people that it is a wise recommendation.
Audience: To simplify this exercise, your audiences are provided for you. They are a physics professor and an art history professor. Start this exercise by thinking about how these two people would react to different ways of presenting your recommendation. For example, you can assume the physics professor would be comfortable with technical terms, formulas, and abstract concepts, while the art history professor would be more visual and might require simplified explanation.
Conation: It might also help to think of their likely conative profiles. High fact finder and follow through for the physics professor and high quick start and implementor for the art history professor should influence the way you argue for your recommendation.
Evaluation: This assignment will be graded on a scale of 1 to 10. The emphasis will be on how well you demonstrate attunement in your writing.

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